Painted Mountain Corn from Inspiration Farm 2012 Harvest

Successful test trials of Painted Mountain Corn at Inspiration Farm Academy. Some for seed and a bit for grindin'

I grow Painted Mountain corn, as well.  Yes, it is a flour corn, but to pick it fresh and eat it as corn on the cob is wonderful!  Instead of being full of corn water like the kind you get from the grocery store, it is full of corn 'meat'.  It doesn't splatter all over your glasses like regular corn.  My kids and husband LOVE eating it as corn on the cob,or, cutting it off the cob and canning it works well also!  It is a sweet tasting corn when picked during the milk stage.  I have planted it early in the spring, as early as April 20th here in the mountains of Idaho, and it does very well!  I left part of it to go to seed. (let it dry on the stalk) and planted it the following year and that crop did well!  I'll never have to buy corn seed again!  I just plant enough that we get enough to eat some fresh, can some, freeze some and let some go to seed for planting the following year!  This is an amazing corn!