Harvesting Blue Corn - Ahkima Honyumptewa

Harvesting the blue corn. As you can see that the corn is dry, but the plant is still green. We usually wait to harvest when the whole plant is dry, because of the weather and the moons shifting I planted in early March (the moon was May at that time). So the rains came late because of the ceremonies which made the plants stay green. I picked them because of a cold front coming which would freeze them, there is a lot of moister in the plants still, that can freeze the corn which will be no good. So pick them when they dry and then dry them again outside your house for at least 3 weeks after. Then store them away. This shows you can still plant with the correct moon and still get produce. This was my first harvest with another harvest after. I double my produce from the year before. This video was taken on September 16th, 2016.