Melissa DeSa Seed Saving Advice

If you have ever been curious about the essentials to seed saving, or maybe had poor success with your own efforts & could use a few tips & tricks, this is your video!  Melissa DeSa is doing some super important work with seed saving in Gainesville, Florida. She is incredible wealth of knowledge for all of us when it comes to saving seeds, especially here in the hot & humid climate of Florida. Join us as we take a stroll through the trial gardens at Grow Hub, an evolution of the successful Farm to School to Work program that provides enjoyable working & learning opportunities for those with disabilities & volunteers in the community. We got to visit with Melissa just as the final seeds are being processed from the end of the winter crops & are really looking forward to visiting again to get an update with this special collaboration of agricultural & employment options. If you would like to learn more about all the incredible things happening within this collective, here are those links to reach out - Southern Heritage Seed Collective - Grow Hub: Meaningful employment for a workforce that is often left behind—our veterans and developmentally disabled adults. - Working Food: Connecting Youth with Food & Gardening - To contact Melissa by email -