The Gardening Grandpa - Inexpensive homemade soil blocks

Make an unlimited amount of blocks for pennies on the dollar.

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One thing I don't understand about soil blocks in general, when you water your does the "pot" stay together. Do they not get soggy and fall apart? You just use peat and perlite as your mix? Please keep in mind that this video was produced a while back but yes I still use both Peet and perlite in my my seedlings mixtures. I like to use perlite in all my other plant mixtures also because it keeps terific drainage. As for the fall apart issues, you are correct in saying normal watering(not a spray bottle) does tend to make some blocks apart. I fold two things that prevent this issue. First, let your Soil blocks dry before placing them in trays. Second, when thoroughly dry stack them tightly in the drip tray you are using. Like seedlings tend to grow at the same pace so when you are ready to transplant, transplant all the pods at the same time. I almost forgot about this video. Thanks for watching and best of luck whatever planting method you use. Just never give up. Gardening is a very good skill to know and share. Share your success. Peace